Products and services - NEHER

The main profile of the company includes the production and repair of industrial-grade high-quality diamond tools for both car and furniture industries.

The “Neher” name in metal machining and woodworking is synonymous with high quality custom PCD tools that optimise the production process of gearbox and steering casings, motor blocks and cylinder heads. Also, we have evolved into a system provider offering not only PCD and CVD tools, but also an overall package containing clamping fixtures, conveyors, lifters and leak test systems for the parts machined. We offer an extended product portfolio right up to leak testing – and much more!

What sets us apart from other companies

Our prominent selling point is speedy delivery. Efficient decision-making processes mean we are able to react incredibly flexibly to customer requirements and enquiries. Also, we train our next generations ourselves. This means young people from the local area will have the opportunity to work in the place they live, and yet at a modern company. These key traits also have their origin in the embedded "Neher spirit", that unites us and that can be found at the company.