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NTK Cutting Tools is a world-wide global supplier of advanced cutting tool materials which include ceramic, cermet, cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and micro grain carbide.

In addition, NTK produces a complete comprehensive product line of tooling for CNC Swiss lathes. Some of the industries serviced include: aerospace, automotive, steel, oil & gas, trucking and medical. NTK Cutting Tools is a division of the company NGK Spark Plugs Co., LTD. NGK/NTK produces sensors and spark plugs related products, semiconductor packages, cutting tools, medical products and industrial components. NGK Spark Plug Co. LTD. was established in Japan in 1936 and the USA office opened in 1984. NGK/NTK is a global company with sales and manufacturing plants in numerous countries. NTK continues to develop innovative new cutting tool materials to improve productivity. The goal is to optimize our customer’s production. NTK will continue to produce consistently high quality products no matter where in the world they are made.

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